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Art Education


Welcome to Mr. Fatta’s classroom website the featured site for students in Foundations in Media Arts, Advanced Graphic Arts & Design, and Fashion Design classes. Though they vary, the goals of each course are to gain a proficient understanding into the different art disciplines of art and expand student proficiency with using Elements and Principles of Art & Design to create artistic expressions and develop students’ individual style. A personal style will become evident as students build a body of work throughout the year that will culminate in a digital portfolio that meets the project and course goals. Students will study works by contemporary artists and artists from history and strengthen their writing skills though a series of artists biographies that will accompany various projects.

As students progress through the year they will develop the technology and software skills needed to create a variety of computer-generated images throughout the course. Traditional media such as drawing, painting, and sketching are also covered in the class. While meeting the NY State standards for the arts the course will also aim to strengthen student writing skills by integrating standards in ELA, and build a thematic base using standards from social studies, technology, science, and more.