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All students are expected to maintain a digital portfolio using Google Slides, which will be hence called, Google Portfolio for the sake of the course. The portfolio will come to represent all the work generated throughout the year. It will include 20 -30 images representing the various units and lessons explored throughout the course. All projects are graded from the students’ Google Portfolio; it is how work is handed in through out the course of the year. All students are require to be able to optimize images from Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other applications (converting an Adobe image to a .jpg, .png, or an .ai, etc.) using the File menu item, Save for Web. This is referred to as File>Save for Web. Here are a few different samples of Google Portfolios for Foundations In MediaComputer Graphics, Fashion, and Animation.

Tutorial | Creating a Google Portfolio

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Tutorial | Save As… JPEG

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Tutorial Links

Google_shareTutorial –  Google Sharing:
This old school site page directs students on how
to share Google documents with other people.


Googl_DocsTutorial – Creating a Document
This old school site tutorial shows how to
create a new document in Google Drive


OptimizeTutorial – Optimizing Image
Also know as Save for Web, this tutorial will
show students how to save documents for the web
from Photoshop or Illustrator


Sample Portfolios

Google_Portfolio_PageSample Foundations Portfolio
Presentation style, a highlight
of student works from
Foundations 2013-2014

Portfolio_sample_graphicSample Computer Graphics Portfolio
Presentation style, a highlight
of student works from
Computer Graphics 2013-2014